Heart Guardian some how got my credit card #...

Everett, Washington 0 comments

How can they take money out of my account without my cosent.I hope they rot in ***.

I live on a fixed income and my health is excellent so why would I need this product anyway. I checked my online banking today and seen a withdrawl of $49.95 from Heart Guardian. Ive never heard of this place and I never ordered any of their products. Ive turned them into my bank and they will get my money back.

this company should be sued........

Hope to read about this company going to court.I will keep a watch out in my newspaper.

Heart Guardian - Pissed People

San Antonio, Texas 0 comments

Heart Guardian have charged me $29.95/month for two months (September and October).Ididn't order anything from the company, and I don't them at all.

The charges are authorized and I don't recognize I have ordered or received anything from the company. This is a frault charge and keep sucking blood from consumer.

It should be stopped and cannot be tolerated.The company has posted three phones numers (1-800-461-1399, 1-800-591-5381, 941-496-8492) on their web-site, when you call this phones, a recording said they are no longer valid and have been disconnected.

Review about: Unreasonable Charge.

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